Humpback Whales

Embark on an unforgettable marine tour with our humpback whale sightings. Hear the awe-inspiring songs of these majestic giants and witness them in their natural habitat as they breach and play along pristine coastlines.

Humpback Whale Tours

Every year around mid-July migrating humpback whales start to appear off Diani Beach. The peak seems to be between mid-August until mid-October. In October the whale sharks also start arriving and we have had both humpback whales & whale sharks during the same trip a myriad of times!

Daily Trips From: 15th of August until the end of October.
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Minimum age: 2 Years Old
Mineral water, fruits included.

PRICE: USD 48 Per Person

Why Choose Us for Your Next Marine Adventure in Diani Beach?

Expertise: Our instructors and guides are some of the most well trained certified specialists in Kenya with decades of experience in scuba diving, marine life conservation and tourism. This ensures unforgettable moments for you without compromising any procedures or regulations carefully placed to protect and conserve all marine life.

Equipment: We have several boats that are professionally and regularly serviced. All our snorkeling and scuba equipment is state of the art and is always double checked for proper functionality before use. We are also the only company in East Africa that uses spotter airplanes to locate the massive whale sharks and humpback whales; which almost guarantees that you will be get the chance to encounter them once out in the vast Indian ocean.

Location: We are centrally located right in the heart of Diani Beach, voted the best beach destination in Africa three times in a row by World Tourism Association.