Experienced Scuba Divers Program

Dive into the depths of adventure with our Experienced Scuba Divers Program off Diani Beach, Kenya. Explore vibrant coral reefs, wrecks and encounter exotic marine life while honing your scuba skills. Go deep-sea diving in one of the world’s most diverse and captivating underwater ecosystems.

scuba diver swimming underwater in the Indian ocean with a camera in hand

Our Experienced Diver Program was set up by Volker Bassen, a well known pioneer in scuba diving education and marine conservation in Kenya.

To date Volker Bassen set up 28 scuba diving schools along the Kenyan coast since 1990.

“I want to take experienced divers to another level of scuba diving by introducing new, deeper dive sites. Blue water scuba diving on top of deep ledges surrounded by sailfish, wahoo, tuna, even marlins, that’s what I’m talking about, experiencing the thrill of big pelagic’s”  Volker Bassen

Why Choose Us for Your Next Marine Adventure in Diani Beach?

Expertise: Our Captains & Crew, Pilots, PADI Instructors and Guides are some of the most well trained certified specialists in Kenya with decades of experience in scuba diving, marine conservation and responsible marine tourism. This ensures unforgettable moments for you without compromising any procedures or regulations carefully placed to protect and conserve all marine life.

Equipment: We have several custom-made speedboats that are professionally and regularly serviced, inspected by KPA annually with adequate liability insurance. Our 2 microlight aircrafts are annually inspected by KCAA and serviced according to schedule. (every 25 hrs)

All our snorkeling and scuba equipment is state of the art and is always double checked for proper functionality before use. All the mask and snorkels and regulators are washed with antibacterial detergent after use.

Whale Shark Adventures is the only whale shark tour company in Kenya that uses spotter airplanes to locate whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins, manta rays and turtles, even orcas!

This massively increases our chances. We pride ourselves having 10 times more whale shark encounters than all the other scuba diving centers in Kenya combined!

Our main research vessel White Star is equipped with a maritime hydrophone system that allows you to listen to encountered dolphins & whales. No other whale watching tour operator offers that as far as we know.

Location: We are centrally located right in the heart of Diani Beach, voted the best beach destination in Africa 8 years in a row by World Tourism Association.