Whale Shark Adventures is Kenya’s number one dive operator when it comes to whale shark encounters. Working hand in hand with the East African Whale Shark Trust we actively participate in whale shark research expeditions, providing equipment, boats and our own spotter airplane to find these majestic fish. From September to November we also do humpback whale expeditions using our spotter airplane to guide the boats to the action. Our peak whale shark season is mid February to mid March while we see dolphins and turtles all year round.

Whale Shark Research Expeditions

We use a spotter airplane to guide us to the whale shark. Once spotted, our whale shark research team (and you) snorkel with the shark while doing photo ID, sexing, sizing and tagging with either splash tags or satellite pop-off archival tags. The best season to see them near Diani is February and March.

PADI Dive Course

We offer Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Dive Master, and Rescue Diver courses. We also offer our service to divers with special needs as we work together with Mark Slingo, PADI Course Director confined to a wheelchair. Welcome, or as we say in Swahili, Karibu Sana!


It is well-known that countless turtles get caught in fishermen’s large mesh nylon drift nets and meet their death by drowning. All our volunteer programmes include accommodation, training, studying whale shark behaviour, physiology and movement, whale shark safaris, education workshops and more.